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Littleton Tragedy

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My name is Jayson Martin from Littleton, Colorado,� I would like for anyonewho reads this to please write their name down.� I would like to send prayersout to my friends who were in Columbine H.S.� I would like everyone to pleasesay a prayer for the safety of everyone who was involved in this terrible tragedy.It is something that has hurt me today as well as my friends, I'm grateful for my safety and their safety.� Please Forward this to as many people as you can, let us all come together and pray that this tragedy ends soon.� Thank you.***Copy this letter, add your name and forward it to as many people as youknow. thank you.1. Jayson L. Martin� Littleton, Colorado2.� Michelle R. Evans Aurora, Colorado3. Brooke A. Bayer� Greeley and Littleton, Colorado4.� Adam B. Mutzbauer� Denver, Co.5.� Brian P. Connors, Golden, CO, born in Littleton6. Jessica R. Bogart Littleton, Colorado7. Andrew V. Williams Littleton, Colorado8. Ryan L. De Kruif, Littleton, Colorado9. Amber J. Gledhill, Gypsum, Colorado10. Alannah M. Allee, Broomfield Colorado11. Esther R. Geist, Littleton, Colorado12. Carmen Neufeld, Lyons, Kansas13. Maggie Proffitt,� Lyons, Kansas14. Jenny McAllaster, Lyons, KS15. Holly Pertzborn, Storm Lake, IA16. Laura Steimke, Fairfax, VA17. Rebecca Howard, Springfield Virginia18. Leah Segar, Charlottesville, VA19. Frieda Norris, Eugene, Oregon20. Brenda Wamsley, Eugene, Oregon21. Ray Eppley, Eugene, Oregon22. Barbara Seling, Marietta, GA
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