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Location of ileum related pain

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Hello everyone, I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to describe in detail the location of pain from the ileum. I've been doing research and a lot of the descriptions for the location are quite generic. If possible, maybe use the navel, rib cage or hips as a reference point? It's pretty hard to understand what "lower right" is without knowing how far right/down without a point of reference.I am asking this because ever since I did a barium x-ray a couple of years back to see if I have Crohn's, I've been getting some pain approx. 5 inches diagonally down to the right from the navel (right around where the pubic line starts/ends). At the time of testing, my results came back negative. However, my doctor has cautioned me to monitor my situation because I am at risk of Crohn's at a later time.I appreciate all your help and thanks!
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