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Location of ileum related pain

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Hello everyone, I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to describe in detail the location of pain from the ileum. I've been doing research and a lot of the descriptions for the location are quite generic. If possible, maybe use the navel, rib cage or hips as a reference point? It's pretty hard to understand what "lower right" is without knowing how far right/down without a point of reference.I am asking this because ever since I did a barium x-ray a couple of years back to see if I have Crohn's, I've been getting some pain approx. 5 inches diagonally down to the right from the navel (right around where the pubic line starts/ends). At the time of testing, my results came back negative. However, my doctor has cautioned me to monitor my situation because I am at risk of Crohn's at a later time.I appreciate all your help and thanks!
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Hi there,I'm brand new to this forum also.It's the same sharp pain lower right quadrant that got me researching IBS and other gastrointestinal diseases.I feel it all year round as if it were a presence there, even if it's not actively hurting.When it is actively hurting, it's like a knife stuck through my right quadrant.If i could draw a circle where i can feel this originate on the outer skin.Start at belly button, go right 3". go down 1" ~ 1.5".Really annoying.I have a theory..i think it's trapped air hurting.
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