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Location of ileum related pain

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Hello everyone, I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to describe in detail the location of pain from the ileum. I've been doing research and a lot of the descriptions for the location are quite generic. If possible, maybe use the navel, rib cage or hips as a reference point? It's pretty hard to understand what "lower right" is without knowing how far right/down without a point of reference.I am asking this because ever since I did a barium x-ray a couple of years back to see if I have Crohn's, I've been getting some pain approx. 5 inches diagonally down to the right from the navel (right around where the pubic line starts/ends). At the time of testing, my results came back negative. However, my doctor has cautioned me to monitor my situation because I am at risk of Crohn's at a later time.I appreciate all your help and thanks!
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I don't think you can seperate by feeling it pain in the ileum from pain in the colon that is sitting right next to it.Both can cause pain in the lower right quadrant and usually in medical terms they mostly just say which quadrant. Ileum and First part of the colon are both in that quadrant and one does connect into the other.For quadrants draw a line vertically and horizontally through your navel.I would look at other easier to notice symptoms than try to rely on a part of the nervous system that won't tell you if the pain is a centimeter over this way or a centimeter over that way so completely clear which thing is hurting. The pain nerves just are not closely spaced in the torso so each one covers a pretty broad area.Symptoms to watch out for.Blood in the diarrhea (mixed in and if the ileum it will be aged blood).Weight loss even though you are eating as much food or more food than you typically need to maintain weight.And I'd get annual or twice a year CBC blood tests run (complete blood count) which will measure your sedimentation rate.Spending a lot of time poking to try to figure out if your pain is in spot A or spot B when you only can feel things on a regional basis, especially if you worry about it will make the symptoms a lot worse than they would be if you just waited for some obvious symptom of "not IBS" to show up or not.
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