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lomotil: when and how much?

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i always have lomotil on hand but only use it sparingly because of the presence of a weak narcotic in this preparation. for those of you who are not familiar with it, it is a potent anti-diarrheal agent. it works very efficiently but can i rely on this drug regularly?
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I've used a lot of Lomotil over the years. It can be habituating, and I suppose can also lose some of its effect, but I have found that using it regularly but as seldom as possible, it still works fine for me after 15 years. I would use it daily in tense situations, up to 3 at a time, particularly as a protection (in advance of an important time, rather than as a treatment for D.) It also works fine for D, but may take 30-40 min. to work, even if chewed. The only side effects I ever minded was the slight drowsiness I might get from 3. The dry mouth isn't too bad, and comes from the tiny amount of atropine they put in it to discourage abusive overdosing.
joejoe, i too use it as a prophylactic more often than actually for diarrhea that is already present. thanks for responding, mitchell
Hi Mitchell & JoeJoe & all
Ive only taken lomotil sparingly...However, lots of us here have used imodium like multivitamins, does imodium work for you? its much safer to take on a regular basis than lomotil, right JoeJoe? (pls correct me if Im wrong)....I used to take imodium as a preventativealso for constipated but was better than being stressed & scared with theimpending doom of "D"...Calcium Caltrate is a wonder drug for alot of "D" type folks helps me some but Mymain problem this past year has been intestinal cramps & dyspepsia
Hopefully it will do wonders for you
************************Take Care Mitch & all
Lisa K
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i have found the immodium not to be as efficient as the lomotil. it is not as reliable and i haven't used it in years. i'm hoping the caltrate plus to be my magic bullet! thanks for the support, mitchell
Mitchell,I always have Lomotil with me when I leave home. I often use it as a preventitive when I know that I cannot get to a restroom quickly. I also use it when I start having spasms. The only problem is that it gives me gas.------------------
i too never leave home without it! an interesting thing happens to me when i need to take 2 of them; i get a rebound diarrhea the next day. it's the only medication that will clog me up in a hurry though. they're small in size but mighty!
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