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Hello Everyone: I'm a long time lurker and occasional poster here. I am a male about to turn 50. I have a long history of abdominal pain and IBS/GERD type symptoms without any real diagnosis. My Dr. tells me that IBS/Functional Abdominal pain is not really a diagnosis but it just means they haven't found my problem yet. I wonder what the board thinks of this,and I wonder what else I should do? Try?

I am currently 3-4 months into a problematic pain flare. I have two distinctive pain patterns. I have had these many times before over the years, but this one will not resolve. Somewhat widespread navel height pain on both sides, that seems to move around, with spots sore to the touch if push on them. This is accompanied but a whole lot of stomach gurgling and gas. The pain is present all the time. Generally it is best in the morning and worst as the day goes one. Generally speaking, eating helps, but not always. Pain is usually low level, but somedays it is worse than others and hard to ignore.

I also get acid reflux type heartburn pain, upper left side and center under the sternum, ribs Pain can bore through to the back but not always.. Taste of acid in the mouth sometimes. Just general sour stomach sensations with occasional mild nausea. I can tell you that PPI have never helped me (and I react to them), I recently did a 2 week trial of Pepcid Complete. (no help)

I cut out all alcohol and coffee, along with peppers, onion, garlic, tomatoes for about 6 weeks (no help)

I think I am getting some minor help from DGL with Aloe and Mastic Gum

My bloodwork which has showed zero abnormalities has included

HPylori, Thyroid, and Celiac antibody tests

Pancreas and Liver Enzymes

Immunoglobin IGA

Anti DNA Antibody

Vitamin B12 (just barely above the low end of normal) 194 (181 - 914 pg/mL)




Radiography Tests Include

3 years ago I had Upper Endoscopy. Basically normal, showed trace amounts of Bile in the stomach

3 years ago Ultrasound showed Fatty Liver, DR not concerned

7 years ago Normal Colonoscopy

7 years ago Mri Pancreas

I had a complete abdominal and pelvic CT scan this month and it was completely normal for all organs. What does this rule out? What does this not address? Anything else I can do to try and help myself? Opinions and feedback greatly appreciated!

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I would refute that "IBS is not a real diagnosis" like yourself I have had multiple colonoscopies, endoscopy, and breath tests. My results revealed inflammation of the bowel which can only really match IBS.

I recently worked through a 9 week low FODMAP diet and had fantastic results. I am now in the reintroduction phase and have had some nasty reactions to food which indicate these cause irritation.

I plan to live my life on a healthy, predominantly low- FODMAP diet (plus the foods I have not adversely reacted to). After some time (a year perhaps) I will re-test the foods I have reacted to, to see if I still react adversely to them. I also take a quarter teaspoon of Metamucil daily. Metamucil is great but does not help reflux - the best solution for reflux is to try to eat earlier and take antacids when required.

This is my preferred solution because it feels like the more kind option for my body. This is definitely not the only option though. Many people find success with IBS medication (Colofac or mebeverine hydrochloride). Others swear by Pro-biotics or gut-health targeted supplements.
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