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Looking for new treatment options....

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I am becoming tired of the whole fiber typed treatment. I only have a few months left of high school and want to make the most of my time with friends before we all go off to school in the fall. Currently, my metamucil treatment plan, although it works, is becoming more of a hassle than a benefit. I cannot plan anything between 3PM and 5PM daily because of it. It can be very frustrating.As of now, I am searching for a new treatment plan to eliminate gas and urgency as well as make my movements natural and complete. This also includes getting rid of the pain associated with the above. I prefer no anxiety meds and nothing that will cause D. I have been taking Digestive Advantage IBS for over a year now, and while it has helped greatly, it leaves a prolonged aftertaste in my mouth. Is it better to chew or take them with water?Anyhow, I am looking for a plan that will not inturrept my day as it currently does, that would be a big +.If it helps I am a 17 year old male suffering from IBS-C with gas, pain and urgency, mainly in school.Can anyone please help me out here? I really need to find a new plan. Also, I need to try to start working at 4PM instead of 5PM to get a little more $$$, but that cannot happen until i find a new plan.Thanks
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If you have problems with fibers supplements in general,then it is not for you.Rare are those who will warn you about this.For me,the worst is Wheat bran,it makes my bowel in pieces.Eat non-acid fruit and non-gas forming vegetables.Drink Boost rather than chocolate, sweetened foodsodas.
Plain psyllium husks is the only fibre suppliment that helps me. Its the "active" ingredient in metamucil without all the sugar and junk. Metamucil also made me gassy, while the plain psyllium husks dosent, so it might be worth your while to check it out, worst case senario your at least paying less for the same thing. You can get it at health food stores
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