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Hello everyone,

My doctor (second one) told me a couple of weeks ago that he has a "strong belief" that I'm suffering from IBS.

Last november I started having floating stools, accompanied with pain in the scrotum, stomach and back.

The pain in my scrotum got better but my doctor (first one) gave my Selexid (Antibiotic) just in case. Three days in taking the antibiotic I started having more intense stomach pains and went to the ER. They gave me all kinds of examinations (blood work, urine test, prostate etc) but found nothing, and they told me to stop using the antibiotic.

After this things got worse. I had stomach pains everyday for 1½ months and I called and asked for another doctor which I've been to twi times by now. He's taken blood work and stool tests, and found nothing (yet).

I recently turned in 4 stool samples (which I hade to take three days in a row for different samples) and I've not gotten the results yet.

My stomach pain has gotten much better the last month(s), but I also have a new symptom which is tense stomach muscles (in the upper region of the stomach/ribs). It feels like I cant relax my stomach, and when I try to relax my stomach it's uncomfortable. This symptom comes and goes. It feels like whenever I think about it, it reappears. I still have back pain now and then, and my stool is still loose and floats (every BM).

I should add that in november (when this all started), I had my first panic attack ever. And I've gotten one after that as well. I'm an anxious person, especially when it comes to my health. I know that being anxious makes things worse, but I'm legit worried that there's something seriously wrong with me. The last couple of weeks I've been scared to death that I have pancreas cancer.
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