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Lotronex - I buy at any price

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I buy Lotro pills at 10usd each pill.Contact me at ft###e-venture.itThanks.
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how much do you sell them for?tom
forget you. I'm not giving up what I have no matter how much you give me. Taffy
Hey Fred,You've posted this before. You know that what you are doing is, for one, illegal. And you can rest assured that NO ONE is willing to give up any remaining Lotronex - not even for $1,000,000 per pill!Maria
You have to be nuts. Who would sell their lotronex at any price.You have tried this before. I think you need help.B
Actually, I was given several samples of Lotronex and have about a months supply but was one of the people who can't take it. This was the day they pulled it off the market, so they are all still in the packages. I wish that I could give them away to help you kind people here.
But I am fairly certain that this is illegal and if it did harm someone, I would be responsible. I am sorry that I can't help. I feel so badly knowing they are just sitting there in the box when there are so many of you they could be helping.Michelle
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Are you crazy????I think fred u are out to make money by selling these pills to unfortunate people like me and all the others who are so desperate for lotronex that u think u can make a quick buck from us..that is the lowest form of low..and considering you are a cant even take we know its a scheme..please leave us sick people alone!!!! =;X-(
Hi coppin, Many, many men (some on this bb) took Lotronex and had WONDERFUL results!It didn't get approved for men because there weren't enough male test subjects so Glaxo didn't even apply for approval for men.Oh, Michelle G ? would you email me back channel, I have an idea for you.
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michelle G, legal or not. that Lotronex is to precious to waste. you must have seen all the glowing testemonies from so many of us who used it. i want some of your lotronex! and i'm not greedy . i take five or ten so someone else who is as desperate as i am can share it. can we work something out? MALI ------------------
Michelle G, legal or not. i want some of your Lotronex! can not believe you would let it go to waste. you know it is a wonderdrug for so many of us. i,m not greedy. i take five or ten. someone else can use the rest. can we work something out?? I'm willing to sign a waiver freeing you of all liability. i curse Puplic Citizen and everyone responsible for bringing me so low that im begging a total stranger for a few pills. MALI------------------
It would be nice if everyone could lighten up and respect the desperation some people are feeling. Being fairly anonymous on the internet means that you can't be sure of what is true or not, however according to what I have found by e-mail is that Fred is a man from Italy who has a wife with severe IBS/D. It is admirable that he is trying all he can to help her, just thought I would pass that on so some could temper their attitudes. If we can't be a part of the solution, at least don't be a part of the problem. Giving support should be the goal. Thanks, Norb
norbert46 thank you for the kind words. it was my son that came up with the idea for me to place an add in the paper "Loking For Lotronex". i'm still thinking about it. any thoughts on this?? talking about desperation! mali------------------
norb, thanks for the information.i think it's sweet and wonderful that Fred is trying to help his wife. chivalry ain't dead!
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For you out there searching for Lotronex, I have tried Dicyclomine, and it is great. I can't beleive the results, but its been 2 weeks and so far no problems.
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