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Lotronex in the freezer?

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Hi everyone,I just read a post where someone stated that they keep their stash of Lotronex in the freezer. I too, have a stash that I keep in the kitchen cabinet with other medications. Should I put it in the freezer? Does this really extend their shelf life? I cant afford to lose the last bottle. Please help.
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NoSpice,You may want to read the label on the bottle. Usually it states the best temperature to store the med at. I would, however, suggest to not store it near or above your stove or anything else that may create heat. It is also not a good idea to store medications in the bathroom because the heat and the steam from the shower is not good storing conditions.
No Spice, check the expiration date on the bottle. to freeze or not to freeze?? i have only 8 precious Lotronex left that are going to expire in December 2001. i am going to put them in the freezer before they go bad.someone in my family worked on the North Slope in Alaska. a Medic there told him it was OK to freeze pills. Your Call. MALI------------------
Does anyone no how long after the expiration date you can take pills. My lotronex expires November 29th and I was just curious how long after that date they are good. The thought of what my life is going to be like after that date is unbearable. My company is relocating and my last day of work is November 30th. I don't think I will be able to find another job if I am not able to take the lotronex.
The lotronex I have came from sample packets. I removed the pills from each packet and tossed the the packets in the trash. I store the pills in another medicine bottle so I dont have an expiration date. I am just going to keep taking them until they dont work anymore. I am not throwing them out. I've always heard that medicine can be good up to about a year after the expiration date. As far as the freezer goes, someone on this board told me to absolutely NOT store them in the freezer.
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