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I think the 2 mg pills were only used in the clinical trials, so any of you who were in the trials may have had 2 mg pills. However, these were never available commercially and those of us who weren't in trials were prescribed 1 mg twice a day. Among the 8 studies GSK has committed to doing this time around are a few that test different doses, but none higher than 2 mg per day. It seems they are looking to establish the smallest effective dose for the most people. Of course we are all different, but don't look for 2 mg pills. All they are making now is 1 mg. (in fact, if I remember correctly from the advisory committee meeting in April GSK said it would be prohibitively expensive to make any but the 1 mg pills for which all their equipment was set up). Please, let's all play by the rules so that Lotronex stays on the market this time around. The rules are NOT that hard to follow.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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