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lotronex/legal action?

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I saw an ad on TV asking Lotronex users to phone a law firm for possible benefits from a law suit. Does anyone know about this? I didn't catch the name of the firm or the right phone number, I'll be checking out the commercials more carefully now on.
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I saw an ad for attorneys soliciting people that take that take Lotromil but not Lotronex.------------------Brenda S, R.N.This too shall pass !Although I am a nurse, nothing I say here should be taken as medical advice, its only personal experience. See your own doctor for any medical questions & answers.
Brenda Lotromil isn't listed in Laser, This ad was more than likely ambulance chasers looking for clients that suffered Ischemic Colitis after taking Lotronex. It wouldn't even surprise me if they didn't pronounce the name of the drug properly and said Lotromil when in fact they meant Lotronex. They don't really care; they just want a chunk of change from Glaxo. If you want more info on Lotronex or want to join an action group, please go to the bottom of the page by "Hop To:" & click on the Lotronex Discussion Forum. BQ
I've seen and heard about those commercials. They are definitely ambulence chasers looking for class action suit material regarding those users of Lotronex that had negative side effects, especially those that were hospitalized.
I saw one of those ads this AM here in Sacramento, CA. Just what you IBS-D people need. They were even trying to get people who had taken Lotronex and NOT had problems to call, saying that "you might be entitled to money." Renee'(IBS-C and praying for Zelnorm)
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i agree w/rlo. i saw the ad yest morn in Hgtn Wva. They stressed if you took it and havent had symptoms yet call us. has anyone called them?
How can we ever hope to have Lotronex back on the market if these ambulance chasers are doing this to make a fast buck? The one who applies for the lawsuit usually gets 100 bucks and the lawyers are the ones who make out.i want lotronex back!!!
I saw it on the internet and posted on it several weeks ago(could of been a mo or so) in fact I encluded the web site if anybody wants to go back and search for itTaffy
A group of lawyers are running ads in Cleveland, Ohio too.
Thay are airing the commericals in Arkansas to. Maybe we need to hire a lawyer and sue to put Lontronex back on the market.
Betta,Several people on this board have already tried contacting these ambulance chasers to sue for L. They could not represent us because it is a conflict of interest since they are already representing clients that experienced opposite effects (which I can't imagine not feeling better on L).It is very frustrating!
I saw a commercial the other day in my area as well in a mid-sized hick town in West Virginia.
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