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lotronex lover, a question about remeron

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Hi, I have discovered today that remeron is now available in Australia We seem to be approx 2years behind the U.S.,lotronex may never get here.My daughter has pain every day and d.She has had all the tests.I have read a lot of the posts about remeron and think we may give it a try since nothing else has helped.I see that you are fairly knowledgable about this drug,and was wondering whether you can point me to an article,paper etc.which talks about its use for ibs, since the doctor will say, as she has before,Oh. i don,t know if its used for that, I'll need more info. etc.I don't want to leave her office without help this time,its a really crushing experience!thanks gilly
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I have been on Remeron for over 2 months now and it has done absolutely nothing for my diahrrea/nausea/pain. I know people say it is indicated in the use of IBS, but it has done absolutely nothing for mine, thats just my experience. Its great for depression though! Spencer.
Different drugs work for different people. For example, Zofran did nothing for me. I was popping them right and left and still NOTHING. Remeron has helped me out tremendously in the past. Right now I live off of Loperamide.There was an article mentioning Remeron by Dr. Drossman I think. The best thing to do is search the net. I would explain to your doctor that Remeron is a 5ht3 drug. Lotronex is also a 5ht3 drug. It has been proven that 5ht3 drugs help IBS D. I'm sure there is some literature on it on the net. I would help you, but as most of you know my only computer (until March 22) is the one at work. It is a known fact that many anti-depressants help IBS D. I would post something on the regular IBS Board. I'm sure they can find the Drossman article or something to that effect. They are really good about that.Good lucjk and let me know how it goes. Has she tried Loperamide on a daily basis? That is prescription Immodium.
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Thanks for your messages.Yes,she does use immodium which is o.t.c here,but it does nothing for the pain,may infact make it worse.I have some info. from the net, so we'll return to the doctor soon and just try the remeron,if she'll prescribe it.We did actually import lotronex when it was first available, and it helped, but was very expensive(70 aust. dollars a week)and not covered by any aust. health fund, we're just holding on until something becomes available here.lotronex got her through 2 years of high school.If all else fails we may have to pay for it again, but at 19 she wants to find the reason for this thing rather than take drugs,really. thanks again gilly
Just a quick note,I typed in Dr. drossman+remeron and two great articles on treatment of IBS with antidepressants came up.I just needed that extra clue!Thanks L.L gilly
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