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LOTRONEX referral

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Hello all. I need to know if anyone here has a DR. that can/will prescribe Lotronex over the phone for classic IBS syndrome.I have to wait until April 19th to see my Dr.Thanks in advance.-Icarus
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Icarus welcome, I don't think they will do this without seeing you and your records.------------------
I assumed as much...but this sounds soooo wonderful, I am really really eager.Perhaps if I called them they could phone it in?Thanks all.
My doctor prescribed it for me over a phone call. I had been in his office in December. Good luck. I hope you get it.
You might want to look at my posting a couple of days ago: Lotronex Group Order. No one seemed to be very interested. If anyone is pls. contact me directly.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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