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Lotronex stickers?

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Hi,I called Glazo and according to their rep they haven't even sent out any stickers. However they do believe everything is running smoothly and I'm the only one who as a different opinion. Glazo it seems is losing the paper work and physicians are having to redo all the paper work to try to get the stickers. Here's the number to call them 1.888.825.5249. Maybe someone else can get some info from them but I got nothing. At least call to see if the stickers exist. I'm beginning to wonder?!LouLou
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Several people have posted to the LAG board that their doctors have received the stickers and they have gotten their prescriptions. My doctor is still waiting for hers. I understand that the office of Glaxo that actually mails out the prescribing kits with the all-important stickers was closed last Thursday and Friday because of the ice storms in the Carolinas. I'm not sure whether they opened today or not, as the radio here said a lot of the affected areas are still without electrical power.
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