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GSK committed to a number of studies as part of the agreement to bring Lotronex back, but none of them required placebo control (they were about dosages, intermittent use and things like that), so I have to think you are correct, jjohnson. In further support of your theory, my GI told me that during the last Digestive Disease Week conference (I think it was in April), there was a lot of talk among the docs about maybe ischemic colitis is more prevalent in people with severe IBS and has nothing to do with what drug people are taking. Studying something like that would require a placebo control. Susan, you will probably have a good idea of what they are studying after you read the informed consent, which is usually pretty comprehensive, and you have had a discussion with the research coordinator. Like jj, I am intrigued by what this study might be about. If you get any information, please let us know. And, good luck with the study. I hope it's the kind where after the 12 weeks are over, you'll be able to get Lotronex with no more problems for the foreseeable future.
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