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Lotronex Updates?

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Well it's been close to a year since trying to get Lotronex again. I have finally achieved everything required to get the little blue pills. My insurance company has bailed so far. First appeal denied and said I have one more process that can be done. I haven't gone there yet. But some good news if it pans out. My wife found a pharmacy that quoted $82.00 for a thirty pill supply. She made them double check to verfy the price before they ordered it. I hope this is the case and there has been a break through in the cost of Lotronex for non insured or covered users.I guess what I am looking for is a basic what is happening, ie. current cost, insurance coverage for male and female. And any other info that might be useful.Thanks
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I guess not much is going on around here. I did in fact get my thirty day supply of Lotronex for $82.00.I started taking one pill in the mornings, going on four days now. So far it is working just like before. I had totally blown out the night before I started taking it. Which sometime can bring on a few days without any movements. But I'm going on the fourth day (just started) and it's starting to make me wonder. Looking forward to seeing a few little deer pellets! I remember struggling in the beginning the last time around to get a regular thing going.
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