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About 6-8 months ago I posted a review I did on lotronex pricing by the wholesale/retail pharmacies and found that whoever purchased through Cardinal (wholesaler) would be paying more than a retailer buying from McKesson, Capital Wholesalers, or Ameristores. Survey included Walmart, Krogers, Meijers, CVS, Walgreens, Target,Drug Emporium, Discount Drugs, etc. The lowest price for 60 pills in Columbus has been at Krogers at about $360 after 10% discount as a senior.I recently did legal work for a Cardinal VP and asked about pricing. He got right on it and found a local "deep discount" retail pharmacy called "Marc's grocery and pharmacy" in Westerville (suburb of Columbus)which quoted me a price of $140.71 for 60 pills, which is about 39% of the other lowest pharmacies. Kroger said they just can't match these discounters. I would suggest anyone who has to pay the full price ought to check out the "deep discounter" pharmacies. Bill
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$140 for 60 pills is fantastic! If only they posted internationally
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There are Marc's stores all over NE Ohio, and they have amazingly low prices! The best deals are on closeouts...but you never know what you will (or won't) find there. My experience with prescriptions at their pharmacy wasn't that much different from other pharmacies, but this is definitely a script to call around for! In general I've found Discount Drug Mart is the cheapest pharmacy around me, but they didn't carry Lotronex, at least not when I was calling around when it first came back. Buehler's grocery store was the only local pharmacy that stocked it or could get it for a timely manner. I admit, I didn't think of Marc's when I was doing that calling around. Fortunately, my insurance covers my Lotronex.
$183 at Costco for 30 pills. Always looking for a better deal.What's the news on Cilansetron? Anyone?
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