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Lots of pain

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Hi guysI'm new to this so I hope I do this right.I'm suffering lots of severe pain, mainly on the right. Also c at present but alternate.Had my appendix out last November which turned out to be normal.On the wait list to see GI doc but don't know when that will be.Anybody got any suggestions?Taking paracetamol codeine but makes me more constipated, and buscopan which helps for a short time.
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HeyaHave you tried peppermint? It's supposed to help with pain relief and a lot of people find it helps, keep trying different things until you find the best suited one.
Thanks SazzyI'll give it a go.
Sarahs, have you been checked by an ob/gyn for any female issues? I have had cysts on my right ovary that caused a lot of pain. along with the peppermint, use a heating pad or take a warm bath.Mindy
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