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Low FODMAP - Relapse?

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I'm new here so I'm sorry if this question has been asked before and I apologise for the length but I'm quite concerned. I'm twenty and was diagnosed with IBS-D (PI) about a month ago, although I've been suffering with the symptoms for around a year. They gradually got much worse however around November of last year and I was forced to stop putting off going to the Dr!

He recommended the Low-Fodmap diet which I have been attempting now for around four weeks. I've been really strict (excepting some occasional soft drinks, which I tried to limit). In the first week, my bloating vanished but the D got worse... the colour and consistency worsened and I had quite foul smelling gas in addition. After around the 2 week mark however there was a massive improvement. I was going once a day (miracle), firm, no pain. Just amazing. I was so relieved.

However, it wasn't to last apparently
now around late 3/4 weeks in, last Saturday I ate some gluten free (and fodmap free) cake; perhaps a little more than I should have considering it's high fat and I know that can set you off - the next day I was VERY ill. Alarmed, I cut back and was even more strict than I ordinarily am in terms of sugar etc; but the D was back with a vengeance, as was the nausea etc.

Now, one thing I did notice was that I'd continued (after this set-back) to eat products containing Xantham (quite a few products as well). I've read that this can really irritate people with IBS-D in particular and I'm wondering if maybe this is the cause of my continued relapse? I cut this out on Thursday when I realised but it's now Sat and no change yet
in fact it's worse almost... I also take a b12/folic acid/iron supplement for a deficiency but I doubt this is the cause as I've taken it before and been fine. I'm so sad because I was doing so well and there was a massive improvement but since last Saturday I've been really bad and when I woke up this morning the D is possibly the worst it's been in months. I'm at university and it's really making my life a misery! Basically, has anybody else experienced a set-back or a relapse on the fodmap so early on - will it resolve itself or am I wasting my time sticking with it now?

Thanks a lot for reading such an essay! I look forward to any replies.

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Hi Everone,

l am 62 yrs old and have had on and off poor digestion with loose stools for a number of years, and the best advice l can give u all from my own experience is restrict complex sugar intake to a minimum and low fats, and try to avoid deep fried foods. To begin the day boil up 1/4 cup of rice with a lot of water and when cooked eat this with the liquid and this is a miracle in helping to control the diarrhea.

Try it. It doesnt taste great but works!!
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