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FYI about taking Mangosteen Juice Not sure if this is because of mangosteen juice but thought I would share it.I've been taking mangosteen juice from XanGo for a year now (2oz) 3 to 4 times a day with food.Today (June 1st) I just realized that I have not taken my thyroid medicine in over two weeks! The medication is for Low Thyroid.Of course I'm not getting off it, I just forgot to pick it up on the 18th of May and I've been taking it for 25 years! I've also been taking high quality pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements for over nine years from Usana and this never happened while taking them.I usually feel really tired when I don't take it for a few days so I don't ever forget to go pick it up but this time I didn't feel tired at all and just completely forgot about it until June 1! I'm going to go have some blood work done to make sure though since you don't just stop taking medication like this. (Blood work wasdone on June 6th) Results to be here in a fewdays. But I'm very shocked to say the least. I have genetically high cholesterol and have for years so I'm having that checked too.I also got off of Zoloft about two months ago. I took that for two years because of the migraines I was having going through menapause. No more Zoloft! Sue Seward
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