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Lower Belly

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I am 23.I have had IBS for 5 years and had struggled with it for a while until I took up arobics twice a week for 1 hour. I presently want to report that it has made a huge difference although I still have periodic spells ( usually do to my diet or stress related ). But the main topic I wanted to bring up is my lower belly bulge. I am 5'7" 140 lbs and fairly slender, only that my lower stomach looks almost as though I've had a child and it has been stretched. I have exercised the demons out of it but it still prevals. Do any of you have this delema. Its as though my ovaries are too large or would my intestines have anything to do with pushing my ovaries out? Could IBS be the culprit?I hope to get his resolved.Also.. GasX is a smooth relief of gas bloat!
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I am not sure...have you ever had any surgery there? Mine does that too, but I believe mine is due to surgery down there when I was an adolescent.If you find out let me know.
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just thought i would let you know mine does that too...i quite often get ppl asking when my baby is due! i hate the fact it does that but i have no clue as to why it does it
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