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lower right pain help??

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Hello all, I started having a pain in my lower right side like right between the groin and abdomen..and to the right of the belly button not sure what is causing the pain or why it started yesterday while i was sleeping..and doesnt occur much throughout the day except when i lay down to sleep...there is no pain if i push on the area...and it isnt a sharp pain it just comes and go at random intervals...and its fine when i normal IBS pains are on the left side and completely different from these pains...does anyone have any idea or any advice of what to do or what things i could try to see if it is something else?? Thanks for advice in advance!
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hi there,yes, like you, i also get a pain on my right side, as well as my left. they are sort of along from my belly button but slightly lower down. not painful, they don't double me up but it's just a 'feeling'. i think you can get pain anywhere in the abdomen with ibs. i get it under my left rib, lower down on the left....hope this helps!hayley
Hi again. To make a long story short. Last year I wound up in er on Christmas Eve, certain that a nagging lower right pain was appendicitis. Tests showed it wasn't. I am a c predominant ibser, and was diagnosed by a GI. Yes pain can occur anywhere in ab and I get it all over and have for years. When it was mostly right I was concerned. Things are a little better now, when the aches hit right I no longer panic. If you can see a doc, just to be sure but yes your symptoms sound like ibs. Take Care
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