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lump in stomach

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i get hungry...but at the very same time i have this feeling of fullness--like this big lump in my stomach, not my throat--my stomach...does this make any sense??
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It makes perfect sense to me. I always say that I feel like I have a rock in my stomach. When I finally get in to see a Dr. I'm going to ask if they will give me an x-ray from my chest down or do a sonogram or something. I'm convinced there is some thing in there that shouldn't be. They are going to think that I am crazy but I don't care. I just want the rock feeling to go away.Take Care!
That's just how my stomach feels - like a big rock is there. It feels really heavy too. I'm waiting to have a sigmoidoscopy and barium enema. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to pop - wonder if it's due to the bloating?
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not sure
it's so hard to walk sometimes, get really out of breath and light headed--feel so weighted down by the 'lump'
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