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Magnesium - different results day to day

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Hello, I take 1000mg of a Mag/Cal supplement everynight, roughly about 2.5 hrs before bed.Some mornings I have the BEST bowel movements and others its very little to none or very loose???Any suggestions??
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ok, here's what works best for me, pretty regularly: i take 250mg of mag (along with my other supps) and one coral calcium pill with my first meal of the day (breakfast or lunch, depending) and with my evening meal i take another 250mg of mag and NO added calcium. i take an iron-free multivitamin and mineral supp (twinlab brand) and take NO added calcium apart from the coral calcium i take with my first meal. as i've stated in other threads on this site, i don't believe in that old myth about taking 2:1 calcium to mag, i do the reverse and am going to the bathroom every morning just fine, for the moment. but i also am careful about my diet and what i eat, especially at night since my bathroom time is in the early morning. for me, if i eat foods that i know will clog me up, no amount of mag will help. g-
before i tried mag, my bms would be one every other day or every 2 days. so i am thinking that for people like me, and perhaps you, we need to only take the mag at those high doses once every other day. whatchathink?
what foods clog you up? i am trying 1000 mg mag oxide at night...
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