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Magnesuim supplments - All at once or throughout the day?

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Hello,I take 1000mg of magnesium a day. Is it better to take them all at once, or throughout the day??ThanksWes
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Does your doctor know??I ask because 1000 mgs is the max of all sources (supplement AND what you get in your diet) so you may be overdoing it a bit. I would try cutting back to 750 and see if that still works, else make sure your doctor keeps an eye on you.Since it is an osmotic laxative I suppose it depends on what you want to accomplish.If you want all the stool more evenly wettened I would think taking some with each meal would do that.If you want more of a big bolus of water to flush you out that would be more of a take all at once thing. That would be more likely to do that.K.
i take 500mg per day, 250mg with my first meal and another 250mg with dinner. with my first dose, i also take 250mg of chelated calcium and a multivite & mineral, 500mg of C and a fish oil gelule. at dinner i take my mag plus another 500mg of C and a flax oil pill. does the job for me pretty ok. g-
I find that if I take alot of fiber during the day I tend to have gas and start going in 'bits and pieces' throughout the day. I don''t really know if this is healthy to do but it works for me. I take a mulivitamin, extra vitamin B, omega 3 oil and flaxseed oil and 2 citrucel tablets during the day. At night I take 800mg of magneisum, perdiem (no senna), tsp. of benefiber, Vitamin C, 2 more citrucel, and a cup of tea made from Experience. I figure it's like eating a really high fiber dinner although I do tend to eat well also. It's just trial and error. I do get gas at night often but I'd rather have it at night than during the day. I almost always have a pretty big BM after drinking coffee for a couple of hours in the morning.
I was taking too much magnesium for a while and the way I knew it was too much was that I would get a spacey feeling in the brain and a weak-kneed feeling. So now I take a 133 mg mag pill at breakfast with 600 mg calcium, 125 mg mag in a multi-mineral that also has 250 mg calcium with lunch and supper. I also take the flax oil gelules (1000 mg each) before breakfast and supper. I do great with that. I avoid harsh fiber at all costs.
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