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Your not alone in this type of pattern. I had my first IBS attack a year ago August. After the usual tests (colonoscopy,endoscopy, UpperGI/lower bowel series,Ultrasound, bloodwork) I was finally diagnosed with IBS.I can go as long as 2 to 4 months and not have an attack ... then BAM, it hits me and can hang on for a couple of weeks (though usually no longer than a week). Like you, aside the the GI symptoms of bloating, stomach pain & Diarreah ... I can also have a variety of stools from mucousy and hard during this time, to water, bright yellow and burning (gross I know).But most of's just feeling, like you say,'sick & lousy' all the time during an episode, which I find the most difficult to deal with. There is usually a slight nausea that follows me during the whole episode as well.The more I read this board the more I see that although many of the symptoms are present that are listed in any text about IBS ... other perhaps less common symptoms can also occur, such as nausea.Also I'm finding that I'm not alone in the fact that IBS can suddenly appear later in life (30+), male or female ... and that episodes, those just as debilitating, can occur less frequently than many.Being in the middle of an attack right now, I know how discouraging it can be.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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