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39yrs old and I never had a bowel issue. I moved islands 1yr ago and 6 months later IBS/SIBO issues. So what changed? It took a lot of racking my brain over this.

Previous 10yrs, lived in a rural area on "tank" water. Basically rain water that is collected and run through mechanical and UV filters. In my 10yrs at that location never a bowel issue.

Moved islands. Rented a house for 2 months and no issues. Moved into a new home and a month later no issues.

Major change identified:

We moved across from a local swim pool/gym

We lived in a home with chlorinated water

New gym activities:

Swimming laps 4-5 days a week, pool is highly chlorinated

After swims would sit in mega chlorinated hot tub next to the pool

Breathed hours of chlorinated air in this environment

Showered in chlorinated water in open showers next to the pool

2 months later Gastro-intestinal issues that evolved into what I have now.

Also at this time, stress levels were high and diet was poor. I can't help but think had I been consuming good doses of pro-biotics and yogurts could I have averted this and countered the effects of the chlorine.

Let's assume this is what caused my issues. I can only hope it is reversible.

As a precaution I am adding a large carbon block whole house chlorine filter and will avoid chlorine at all costs. I've also been on SCD diet for 3 weeks and now in a phase of heavy consumption of 24hr SCD yoghurt. All of this is helping HUGELY. I also am almost 2 weeks into a natural antibiotic therapy to combat SIBO. So far my symptoms are waning. I still have numerous intolerances but am hoping in 6-12 more months of perfect diet and health I can over come the damage that sent me off the rails.

I know there will be people who say they drink filtered water and still got IBS. Water filters don't actually remove all of the chlorine. Apparently a steamed chlorinated shower is equivalent to drinking 8 glasses of chlorinated water. Our skin absorbs THAT much, it even absorbs chlorine from our clothes washing, dishwasher running, etc.

I can't say with 100% certainty that chlorine catastrophically disrupted my gut flora, but after all that is essentially what it is designed to do, kill bacteria!
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