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Maybe Bloating -- Any ideas?

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Okay, here's my story. I'll give you the short version. I was diagnosed with IBS in December of 2000 (or roughly there abouts). I have been put on Librax and told to watch what I eat and most of you know this story because you've been through it yourself. Well a couple of months ago, it got to the point where I really can't eat that much at all. I mean I have dinner and I can only eat three or four bites and I'm stuffed. You would think I would lose weight from not eating much--nope I feel like Violet on Willy Wonka and keep telling my husband that he's going to have to roll me away like a giant blueberry one of these days. I don't understand and my GI doctor just says that he doesn't know what it is and told me to up my librax because it could be bloating and that will help and plus I would think with all the D I have I would definitely lose weight but all I do is go up up up. Any ideas?
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I read an article in this month's First Magazine on food intolerences and that if you are intolerent to something it is tough to lose weight. It said that food intolerences cause the tissues in the body to absorb water to prepare for an invasion. It's a doctor that designed a special diet that is free of the sensitive seven: cow's milk, wheat, soy, peanuts and of course i can't remember the rest. This is different from that of a food allergy which can be lethal and causes the immune system to fight off the offending food and your own body. I found it very interesting. He also has a website and although the diet isn't on their he does have some interesting information on there in different articles he's written: www. I think I may try the diet as I feel like I retain a lot of water, and I think cow' s milk doesn't agree with me.I too feel really heavy and fat, although I haven't gained any weight. The thing I have found about bloating, is the longer you have it, the more you get used to it and the more likely you are to feel like you are putting on weight, when you feel likethat all the time. I have found Pepermint Oil Capsules bring me bloating relief, and they've helped others on this board. Unfortunately they don't hlp everyone.Eating and feeling full? That would be me also. I don't think that I really fully digest. Not to get gross or anything but Friday night I vomitted at 3 am. I hadn't eaten since 5 pm yet whatever I ate at my friends Bridal Shower still seemed to be there. I don't know how normal it is for food to lay around in the stomach that long, or what the normal time frame is for it to leave the stomach. This seemed abnormal to me and made me think that perhaps that would explain the gas and bloating and maybe IBS in my case. Who knows. It still a big mystery to me.Just know that you are not alone. As for eating little and gaining weight could you perhaps have a thyroid problem? Just a thought.
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Thanks for all the info. I just get so tired of gaining weight...half my close don't fit and my doctor would kill me if I drank anything sugar free or ate salads all day long (he likes me but doesn't want to see me all the time) for the thyroid issue, I made my regular doctor (Not GI) test that during my physical and he said it was normal. So who knows.
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