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Meat and tomato sauce??

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I notice that some of you advocate a modified version of the protein diet that is making the rounds right now. I find that if I eat too much meat my IBS REALLY kicks in. Does anyone else find that this happens? Also, I have been forced to start eating spaghetti without sauce, or very little sauce, as it seems that no matter what brand of spaghetti sauce I buy, my bowels freak out. Any advice?
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Hi slb,I am one of those that does better on high protein. As far as tomato sauce, while it hasn't caused major problems, it does have a tendency towards bad effects for me. I always notice the difference the next day after consuming anything tomato based.Fatigued
Hi slb,My husband has a terrible time with both red meat and tomato sauce. If he eats it he is wishing that he didnt touch it.. So you arent alone there. He does do well with chicken and turkey and fish(moderate amounts of fish) and he also like a basil and olive oil and garlic mixture on his pasta, he does well with it and it beats eating plain.
( sorry I dont know the exact receipe on that basil stuff but I am in the works of getting it and once I do I will post it) He eats alot of peanut butter which contains alot of protein. Sorry I cant be more helpful but I hope it helps some. Sheila
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I don't have a problem with red meat and small amounts of tomato sauce on the pasta is the best for me also. The acid causes stomach upset if I have too much. I also can not take vitamin C because of the acid. But in small amounts I do okay.Linda
In my pre-IBS life, I ate all kinds of steaks served as rare as I could get. Now I can't have any, with the exception of a small bit of 'eye of the round' which is supposed to be one of the leanest cuts. Boy do I miss my Prime Rib & Filet Mignon! Tomato sauces don't bother me, but I've never liked them, so I eat very little of them. I love Sheila's husband's choice for pasta sauce!-Karen
I eat alot of meat and it has helped me so much. Tomato's in anything kill me. Remember your trigger foods may be different that someone elses. Good Luck!
For me, it's the acidic quality of the tomato that causes a trigger of IBS-D. I can't eat anything with tomato in it, pizza, chili, spaghetti, anything tomato based. Spaghetti without sauce, or pizza without sauce, just isn't the same!!!
I too cannot eat meat at all. I never eat it too much before IBS, but if I eat a steak (or any kind of meat) I'm dobuled over with pain. It's hardly worth it!Does anybody know why some of us cannot tolerate meat?Thanks!Linda
Ooooh, I can't wait for that sub. pasta sauce recipe Sheila. That's what I was looking for too! For me, it is the citric acid in those sauces that bite. Curious, any of you find a problem after citrus/juices especially? I can't do fruity beverages with it in either. How about coffee that has citric acid in naturally? I can't handle that either.For me, it is the fibrous meat especially, that I can't seem to break down very well. Maybe I need more protease enzyme? Heard that it might not be good for people with stomach/ulcer problems though? If the meat is well ground, I chew it well, or a very tender cut, I seem to handle it better. [This message has been edited by moldie (edited 03-23-2000).]
I agree with everyones take on the sauces and meats. I have found that eating too much acidic foods will aggrivate my intestines. I tried to stay away from juices and other foods that have citric acid in them. I noticed a difference right off, In addition, my system has a hard time with red meats. Hence, I try to stay away from most red meat dishes.
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