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I have had IBS/D for years and I ended up disability (Teacher) several years ago. I am 69 years old and I have stayed at home most of

the time. My Gastro doctor recommended that I consider Medtronic Interstim Bowel Therapy. Suffering with IBS/D for so long, I figured

it couldn't make my situation any worse. I had the implant in my lower back for the trial period in January of this year, and it gave me hope

that maybe this procedure could help me. I am doing so much better with my crazy diarrhea, and I finally can go out of my house

and have a somewhat normal life! Please, if you are having the torment and agony of IBS/D, do your research...there is more and more info

available, even on Facebook. Find an excellent GI Specialist for starters. You have to be an advocate for yourself and find out possible

treatments that can help you...I do wish I would have known about this program earlier. It first started out as a treatment for urinary incontinence,

and the research found that it is also beneficial for IBS/D patients. Do your homework and check it
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