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Megnesium Citrate Help

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Hey everyone,

I recently started using magnesium citrate for constipation. I switched off of it for a while and now I'm back on. But my regular nighttime dose has stopped working. Is it safe to increase my dose? The bottle of Magnesium Calm only suggests 3 teaspoons at most, and that's what I'm at. Or is it better to take in the morning? Or twice a day?

Thanks, any advice is appreciated.
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I haven't tried Magnesium Calm but I have drank a bottle of Magnesium Citrate which will liquify your colon contents and cause a movement. More like D for hours on end. Magnesium supplementation is relatively safe and excess is excreted via the kidneys. I don't think that adding a teaspoon will hurt you. Worst case scenario you end up with D if you take a bit too much.

Now on the other hand, drinking a full bottle of Magnesium Citrate daily would definitely be bad for you and could cause an electrolyte disturbance among other health complications.

I'm not a doctor, but bottom line I think it would be ok to try an extra teaspoon as part of your nightly regimen.

I currently take Magnesium Oxide at night to help move things along in the morning. But I have to be careful otherwise it's pure liquid output in the morning. I'm constantly playing with my dose.
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