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Hi. I've been suffering from IBS-D for quite a while now--I'm 20 yrs old--and have just been diagnosed with it. I've always had bad menstrual cramps during my period. I used to take Ibuprofen and most of the time I wouldn't get sick from it. Then one doctor said that I should be taking Midol--she thought that all this diarrhea that I was suffering from during the month of May was due to the flu<--it's a long story, you can e-mail me if you want to hear it--, so I did. Then a few weeks after that, I saw my regular doctor who diagnosed me with IBS. A few weeks after that, I had my period again and took Midol. I got sick from it both times. My doctor then said that I should stop taking it--due to the amount of caffeine--and take Celebrex. So I picked up my prescription and last week, did some research on it. It turns out that one of the common symptoms from that med is diarrhea! I am very afraid to take it. I would call my doctor but she would probably recommend that I try it first to see what happens. My problem is that I am going to be "on vacation" with my parents and half bros during my next period--in two week--and I don't want to be suffering from something other than menstrual cramps. Anyway, to get to the point, do any of you know any type of natural remedy that can help menstrual cramps? Aloha, Jenai
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