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Ugh! My periods and hormones are a nightmare and next to stress one of my main triggers!I get C for about 3 days of the first week before it is due, then the D starts. It goes for the remaining 4 days, then my period starts, I have D the whole time it is going and finally about 2 days after my period finishes the D starts to clear up.I can't take anything at all that mucks with my horomones, the pill gives me pains and D and I've tried them all. Even herbal PMS things give me explosive D
I haven't found much that helps. Round that time I just pop out the good old immodium, buscopan, paracetamol and as many hot water bottles as I can find and try to vegetate
Bring on menopause I say!!!! (Long wait seeing as I'm only 27
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