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Migraines? Related to amitriptyline, Levsin, Imodium?

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I just started to get headaches over the summer. I was referred to a headache specialist. I had to keep a headache diary and saw him twice. Could not tell me why I was getting them. No patterns. So annoying. I have had two migraines now this year. Scared me a bit as the other headaches were a 3 or 4 on a scale 0 to 10. I have taken Imitrex for them but it seems to upset my stomach. I'm not having any major stress or anything in my life right now. Have you had any headache side effects from Amitriptyline, Levsin, or Imodium? I have been taking these medicines for years now...
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I have taken the Levsin & the Imodium and never had headaches from them. But everyone is different.. but if you have been taking all 3 for years.. and JUST started to the headaches over the summer.. I would seriously doubt the headaches are from the meds.I would see what other things are available to help you manage the headaches if Imitrex is tough on your stomach. (Also ask the Dr if you can take something else with the Imitrex to make it easier on your gut maybe??)
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