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Hi Heather,I know this isn't exactly your area of expertise, but you seem to be knowledgable enough as a nutriotionist to answer this. I have a friend that suffers from migraines. She averages about 4 a month. The only thing that helps her it to take some immitrex and go to sleep. Do you happen to know of any good websites that discuss migraine triggers, especially nutritional triggers? Or, how about any good books? Experts in the field? Unlike IBS, I have found relatively little info online concerning migraines. She does also have some slight IBS symptoms, but all of hers can be related to specific foods, like fresh garlic, for example. She avoids this and she's fine. Thanks much!
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Hi - I'm so sorry, but this it totally outside my realm of experience and research. There are migraine/pain specialists in the medical field, and she might be able to find real help there. There are even chronic pain clinics that specialize in this, and that would be a good place for her to start.I'd just search for books on migraines at amazon and see what pops up. I've heard that red wine and aged cheeses can trigger migraines, and I think there are other foods on that list. I'm sure there's some good books out there on this subject - wish I had some suggestions for you.- Heather
Hiya Nuby,Hope you dont mind if I jump in here. My wife is a suffers Migraines. They are extremely difficult to treat for some. In my wifes case she has "normal" migraines that she sees a neurologist for and she takes a drug each night that helps her from waking with a migraine. She also as we found out the day after Christmas had a tumor which caused some of her migraines. We had the tumor removed (non cancerous than God) and now she is back to her normal weekly migraines which the Doctors are trying to figure out. Anyway to make a long story short your friend needs to visit a neurologist to rule out any abnormality and then start different therapies which can include medication and diet changes. Good Luck
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