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Funny you should mention this. It was at the top of the page, and I clicked on it right away. I had just been to Walmart and picked up some, but pondered over whether it was truly worth the $8.0? for 30tabs. I have been taking it for a year or two on and off. I just didn't know if it was doing anything or not. Thanks for the interesting info. calida and NickT. I am still on Diflucan which can cause liver damage and have been for the past two years, taking 1-2 100mg tabs/wk. The doctor said at this low dose it shouldn't be anything to worry about. Of course, I still worry anyway, considering what the long-term of Amoxicillin did to me. Guess, I'll just carry on. Haven't heard of any possible side-effects from taking milk thistle, have any of you? [This message has been edited by moldie (edited 10-17-2000).]
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