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Yep, I've had cramps that bad, both from my period and IBS/gas.When it's due to my period, I have ongoing painful cramps, but I get waves where they are worse. When it's IBS, that's when I can be not too bad one minute and grimacing and doubling over the next.And being in pain a long time is exhausting mentally, for me at least. When I have been sick in the morning and had to miss something for work, sometimes they ask why I didn't call earlier, and I've explained that first I was doubled over in so much pain, curled up in a fetal position in bed, yes sometimes blissfully slipping into sleep for a little while if I was tired enough... talk about being in a haze... or on the toilet, having a D attack...which usually comes after the aforementioned. One time I called one co-worker at one time, and wasn't able to get out of the bathroom long enough to call the other for 45 minutes. I think I picked up the phone to call, at one point, but had to stop dialing and run back to the loo. Of course, that kind of attack usually only happens to me if I wake up too early for my body, or eat something I shouldn't have.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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