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Minty fresh bathroom incident

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I took some peppermint oil (I'm into the herb thang lately) and I was wondering is it for C more than D? I had D really bad following it and I couldn't understand for a while why I felt so a toothpaste enema..I had forgotten that I had taken the pepperment oil and later realized! It was strange to say the least. Anyway any input?
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Laughing....I too had taken the peppermint oil capsules for awhile and one night about 2:00 a.m. I had to go to the bathroom. I had D bad and my butt felt minty cool..The bathroom also smelled like peppermint, well kind of. Kinda still makes me sick to think about peppermint now because I associate it with that incident ewwwww... ------------------�K§ʥ�
I think it must be more for C people. I have D and anything peppermint...candy, tea, capsules, you name it...goes through me like nothing!------------------RhetanaIBS D for 10 years (and counting, unfortunately)
By any chance to you have GERD too? I was drinking tons of peppermint tea because I read here that it was good for IBS. But I got some horrible stomach pains and my D was worse. Turns out I also have GERD, which peppermint makes worse. And my doctor thinks that GERD can cause IBS to flare up. Who knows?!
I have GERD and peppermint really aggravates it, so I stay completely away from it. I can't remember it ever affecting my IBS, but I haven't eaten it in so long.That is funny about feeling "minty" :) mandy
I was taking Peppermint Oil and was constantly D when I read, I can't remember were, that who suffers from IBS D shouldn't take it as it aggravates the symptoms. I took a food allergy test and it came out that I can't tollerate peppermint. I guess you guys should check that out.Good luck!! *sss
I had the same incident with peppermint oil caps...well, it the D wasn't any worse than usual, but I felt like I was crapping ice cubes. I found it funny for awhile, and then it got kind-of old so I stopped taking them.
Good to know, LUNA. Thanks for posting that! Gosh, it's always something, isn't it?
Thanks, I needed a good laugh! I thought the peppermint was good for settling your tummy. Hadn't heard that it could affect the other end so much. Better a cool bottom than one on fire, huh?
Well I am glad I am not the only one! Thanks for the info everyone! I figured that it was probably the peppermint caps because I hadn't eaten any triggers.
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