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Hi to all my IBS friends
I missed you all so very much. But...I am back to work after being on medical leave for over two months. I have been back for a little over two weeks, and all is going great!! I start work sometimes 2pm or 4pm to 11pm. I no longer have to work a night shift, and be in, at 7am. I feel great as far as going and being back to work. But........(yes, always a but) my IBS isn't better, it's worse. But......(yes, another but) it's oKay, because it was the anxiety, the full blown anxiety that kept me from being anywhere except in my car. I fought it, along with my MD's advice, and my meds. In my past posts, I do believe I said I could deal with the IBS, and "if" that dang anxiety would go away I'd be fine, (mentally) and I am. I'm getting more frequent pains and spasms, but that's oKay. Even the days when it's so hard just to walk a few feet. But, being back to and able to work is a gift sent from up above. Also my laptop had to go for a minor repair, which they messed up the first time around. Even though it was Fed Ex'd, and I got it back in four days, it did me no good. It's still out there, on it's second trip to CA, and I should get it back today, or Tuesday. My days off. Just want to share my joy and happiness with everyone, and I hope to get here as often as I can. I am on my other lappy, but it's just not the need to hear about a computer, huh? I see we have a new book of the month...has anyone read it yet?? It looks interesting, just by the title itself. Please let me know all about it. There is so much I want to say, but I'll save it for another time.Take care all, and I hope you are all doing oKay.Love,Jadair---
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