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Moldie, i just read your response to "IBS" and was interested in what kind of allergy tests you had done and what they consisted of as far as procedure, costs, availability? Could you please give me some info on them, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks,Angelina------------------

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Hi Angelina, It is expensive, but my insurance covered most of it. You may want to check that out. If you get the code number of the tests, and give the numbers to your insurance company, they should be able to tell you if they are covered. Not all allergists are alike to be sure. You have to call ahead and see if they do this type of testing, and hopefully get a good referral from someone. I had to drive a few hrs. away, but it was worth it. Environmental Medicine is not accepted by everyone, but here is what itellihealth (a link from John Hopkins) had to say about it:,WSCHN000|~b,*| I had the blood, intradermal, and the double-blinded sublingual food/chemical testing. I don't know whether the sublingual immunotherapy type drops are helping (they say it could take 3 yrs.). They are $8.00 a bottle, not covered by my insurance, and usually last for 2-3mos. Just knowing what the allergen was to stay away from was helpful for me though. I'm from WI, and the allergist I went to was Dr. David Morris at the Allergy Clinic in La Crosse, WI. He has had the same clinic established over 20 yrs ago in an old hospital which now houses an outbranch of Mayo Heatlth Care Systems. He keeps up with the latest data from Mayo. I've seen people come there from as far away as NC. He doesn't actively advertise his practice, and is super busy. He works with a team of other M.D./Allergists. Good luck to you if you go this route Angelina.
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