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More I read-more I get confused.

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Hi. I'm new here and have read a lot of threads on this BB today. So many different solutions and helpful advise which seems to help or not help people since everyone has different outcomes. For the last couple of years I have always had loose stools. Never C. Occasionally I have a flare up of acute D with painful cramps. For the last 3 weeks I have spent a lot of time running to the bathroom with D. I have been to numerous sites, read countless, books and seen SO many different conclusions.Everything from eating 2 coconut macaroons a day to the specific carbohydrate diet. I finished reading that book last night and just threw it across the room in frustration.I've been avoiding most dairy for a long time now, but Im one that hasn't narrowed down my triggers. My experience for the last 3 weeks has made me feel extremely fatigued, sore and has brought me to tears. I also feel it has affected me emotionally. I feel depressed too.I have been taking vitamins, herbs:5HTP, St.Johns Wart and I even tried Cat's Claw.I've gotten to the point on some days where I was afraid to eat anything. Yesterday, I decided to try to flush my system out, fast for a few days and try again. I felt weird taking Citrucel when I just experience D. I also purchased Acidophilus and took one of those along with the Citrucel. I was expecting to have a evening with D, but to my surprise I woke up this moring with no urgancy to go and the movement I eventually had was soft not D. I find it odd that I took a laxative and it seems to lighten the load of D. Or was it the Acidophilus? After reading the threads today I'm thinking of trying the Caltrate and see if that helps me. I know this has been long and I thank you for letting me share. This condition has made me feel so alone and frightened sometimes. It also has made me feel guilty since I haven't been helpful to my family in the last weeks since I've been so sick. I'd appreciate any thoughts or advice. Thanks in advance.P.S. With all the reading I've done I never saw a reference to a symptom that I have sometimes. With the onset of painful gas and/or D. my mouth fills completely up with saliva. Maybe some of you have had that symptom?
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Looking-Well, here's something else to confuse you more. I used to have the same symptoms as you--painful cramps, loose stools, and D. For six years I took medications that decreased in effectiveness as time wore on until nothing helped. Around the beginning of February, I cut sugar from my diet completely. Cold turkey. It was hell--truly a physical withdrawal--for a few days, but afterwards, I felt better than I had for years. No more cramps, no more D, and no more fatigue. The fatigue had gotten so bad last year that my doctor thought I might have MS.I haven't had any cramping or D except for a couple of weeks ago, after I stupidly ate a large candy bar and had three days of cramps, D, and vomiting.The saliva in the mouth sounds like what I used to get sometimes when the cramps got so bad that they made me vomit.I strongly recommend that you try cutting sugar from your diet. I have also cut way down on wheat and corn, especially corn syrup. It's worth a try.Debbie
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There are three things you definitely should look into: mental-relax and mood-change, toxins and Candida. Hynotherapy seems to be the treatment for mental. Colon cleans program for toxins and diet + meds for Candida.I belive (after all) the mental is the biggest part of IBS, since I have found a way to control the IBS lately by breathcontrol and relaxation. Just waiting for the hypnotherapy...take care.
Hi looking, and welcome to the Board. There are many different ways of coping with IBS as we are all individual, and may respond differently. When I first started to look for a solution, I would try one thing for a week or two before discarding it and trying something else, or keeping it. If you try too many things at one time, you'll have a hard time figuring out what works the best for you.I've pretty much gotten my IBS under control through the use of hypnotherapy, adding fiber to my diet, and drinking a lot of water. Prior to that I was C, then alternated between C and D for a few days a month.It sounds like you found a good combination with the Citricel and acidopholus. If I were you I'd stick to that for a week or so, drop back on some of the herbs and then add them in slowly to see what the effect is.Good luck, and let us know how you're doing!JeanG
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The saliva thing happens to me too. I have 2 explanations for that & I think they are both valid.1. Ever hear of Bentyl or Dicyclomine as a treatment for IBS? Those are antispasmodic drugs which are classified as anticholinergics--meaning they suppress a chemical in our system called acetylcholine (ACTH). When you get a case of D (particularly if it is sudden and unwelcome), it will often make you feel nervous...ACTH is acting on you at that point. It will trigger all kinds of fear responses like sweaty palms and sometimes salivation. If you take Bentyl for IBS, you might find your mouth to be very dry much of the time. This is because it is suppressing ACTH.I've also had very dry dry mouth after ALOT of cramping--my guess here is that this has occured because I've pretty much used-up the ACTH that was available in my sympathetic nervous system at that moment.2) If you're like me, you wake-up, feeling hungry, but then you have D about 30 minutes later (often well before breakfast). I think this empty stomach thing plays a role too.Hopefully I'm not doing more to confuse you here, but trust me, the salivation is a normal response to what we experience.
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Dear Looking: I know how frustrating it is not knowing how to alleviate the symptoms that come with this disease. Relax. You may get some suggestions from books and others, but the bottom line is, you learn from trial and error. Something that works for others may not work for you. I haven't had a firm BM in so long, I wouldn't know how to act if I got one. Mine are always loose. Some foods make it worse one day, try those same foods the next week, no problem. You never know. Don't focus so much on comparing yourself with others, everyone is different and different remedies work for them, but maybe not for you. Don't worry, something else may come along that works wonders for you. As for the saliva-thing. That's not unusual. I get that when I have an upset stomach. Hang in there.
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Now that you have gotten your system cleaned out I would not take anything but the Caltrate in the purple and white box. You need to start with one of the suggestions and for many this was a good one. Start with 1/2 tablet with each meal and in a few days if this does not get control of the diarrhea take 1 tablet with each meal.Let me know if I can assist you.I have been successful in keeping control of the diarrhea with the caltrate since July 1998.Take Care,Linda
Linda has a good point. With this problem you need to pin things down, ie, which supplement/food/medicine is causing what. Starting with one product at a time is great idea, otherwise it's frustration city. Unfortunately, there are other aspects of your life that can affect your symptoms, including stress. It sometimes helps to keep a diary of everyday occurences to see if symptoms get worse in certain situations. The same applies to keeping track of which foods worsen your symptoms. I know all of this is overwhelming; just keep coming back and asking questions and you'll know as much as we do (not enough). Best of luck.
I'm with Linda on the Caltrate suggestion.But don't write off Citrucel. Your symptoms sound alot like mine and I take Citrucel everyday along with Caltrate-Plus. The methylcellulose in Citrucel, while often used for treating occassional constipation, can be used daily to maintain regular stools. It took me months of experimentation and talking with my doctor before I got a routine that works for me. Now I can work, play, and travel without fear.You'll get there.-------------------Dan
You got some great responces on this thread.The only thing I wonder about after reading your post is the 5htp and saint johns wart. I don't know for sure how those to would inter react, but I would find out as it might not be a good thing to take those both at the same time.I would eliminate everything and try the caltrate, diet and see where you go from there to start, sometimes adding to much can cause problems.The other thing is you didn't mention what tests you have had and how long ago, it could be time to be re-tested.------------------
Here's another vote for trying the Caltrate +. Works great for me (5 weeks and only 2 very minor D episodes). I lug my bottle around with me just in case, but normally I take one in the a.m. with breakfast and one in the evening with my supper (which is the one meal I tend to stuff myself with). As everyone here said, different things work for different people, but I would give the Caltrate a go - besides the calcium is good for you. Linda is a great resource for the Caltrate. Hope it works for you!
I know that the 5HTP will cause gas problems it did for me and even when mr iron gut hubby tried it with the same results. Also the St John's is a lot of vitamin b also and you may like eric said not want to take them together.Linda
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