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Morning Wind

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Lately when I get up in the morning I fart like fury. I have a bit of breakfast and when I go to the loo my bowel movement absolutely blasts out of me (sorry) and I feel like I have more wind trapped inside me all morning.I've tried changing medication routine and not eating in the morning that just causes other problems.Is the solution not eating in the evening anywhere near bedtime?Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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That you fart more in the morning may be related to the colon being most active in the morning and least active when you are sleeping so you are just getting rid of what was there from overnight.For some people taking probiotics (bacteria that do not produce gas from the carbs you do not digest) helps. Others find limiting the food you feed the bacteria helps a lot.The main carbs in the diet that can cause problems for anyone (as no one digests them) are resistant starch (pretty much all starchy foods other than rice, so breads, pastas, potatoes, etc) sorbitol (some fruits--apples pears and fruits with stones/pits-- and sugar free candies/gums) raffinose (cabbage family veggis and beans) so it might be useful to limit those, especially in the evening. Typically most of the gas is produced soon after food hits the colon (several hours after you eat it), so it may help to avoid these in evening since am seems to be when you fart more.Some carbs that may bother some people, but not others (depends on your genetic makeup) are lactose and fructose.There isn't any way to make the colon stop the less active at night and most active in the morning thing as that is the natural rhythm of things.K.
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