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motion sickness

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I had an interesting point I was pondering today. How many of you are motion sickness types? I am - I wonder if that is a precursor, or something to IBS - like the brain and the gut miscommunicating?
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I have extreme motion sickness. I can get sick from playing video games. I have prescription motion sickness pills that help when I travel but if I am in a boat, its bad news. I have lots of sinus problems and inner ear problems as well and my sense of balance is not great--all part of my motion sickness issues.Meclazine is the best motion sickness pill I have found.I don't think it has anything to do with my IBS. I developed these problems when I was 12 or so and I have had my IBS since 6 or earlier.P.
I use something called sea bands. You wear them around your wrists and it places gentle pressure around an acupressure point - and I never get sick - it is great
I drive race cars and fly airplanes,but put me in the passenger seat of a car and I become one sick puppie.I have always gotten car sick and even get woozy if I turn around too quick.In recent years,since IBS-D began full force,I've noticed i can get woozy if I go through a turn too quickly. I read something once about how if you are in control of the motion,it doesn't affect you the same as if you are just along for the ride.Something about the input to the brain in relation to hand/eye reactions and g-forces. I just can't do the little carnival rides at all.I once begged an operator to let me off a 'Scrambler',he laughed,then I jumped three fences to release my KFC dinner. My mother used to give me spearmint gum after a roadside raalph session,to this day any kind of mint makes me nauseous. ~tk~
I get terrible motion sickness. Everyone always told me when I was a kid that once I learned to drive it would lessen. Well, now at 30 yrs old the motion sickness is worse than when I was 15! Ack! I take Bonine and ginger, it seems to help a lot unless the road is REALLY curvy. I can't read or look down in a car and don't even THINK about putting me on a boat!
I don't know if it is related to IBS, as far as I am aware it is an inner ear issue. But I definitely have motion sickness. I can't read in a car or plane my stomach starts hurting, nausea for the rest of the trip even if I stop reading. A bit difficult when I'm asked to read a map!!
I have found the patch to be helpful when I go on a ship.
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I have been always motion sick all my life but IBS definatelly made it much worse for me. I can't drive race car now. Believe or not, the earthquak this morning from Seattle actually made me nausea and dizzy ( I live in Portland which is 300 Miles away)
Me too! In fact, I feel funny just by lying down flat on the bed without a pillow. Is there a pattern here? Should I get my ears checked?<< SiMoN >>
Interesting topic; I have been motion sick most of my life; a little over a year ago I had a horrible attack of vertigo and I never, ever sleep flat. I keep my head propped up on two pills and I never turn to my other side because I am afraid of provoking another attack. Before that I used to get vertigo every so often. I get motion sick when I fly so I only fly a couple of times a year. Dramamine used to help but is losing its effectiveness.
I don't believe that I ever had motion sickness until this all started two yrs ago. During the onset of this, I was unable to sit in a bathtub because the water movement would bother me. Riding in a car? Forget it! My husband actually would drive me down the driveway, then eventually down the street, and so on. About 4 months later when I could tolerate the car to a degree I had to fly and actually had a full blown panic attack and went in my pants. NEVER had that happen before. I was so humiliated. Back in November, I took a road trip and had to take a ferry boat and got really seasick on that. I never had THAT happen before either. Last week I got car sick from sitting in the back seat of my car. I switched back to the front seat, turned the air right on my face and was okay for the rest of the trip. I am glad you posed this question because I was wondering if there was a connection as well. Who knows?
I have motion sickness for long drives, flights but only if I am not driving. I have noticed any change since IBS worsened. I do feel nauseous more now for no apparentant reason though. Just sitting at my desk sometimes I'll feel nauseous.
quote:like the brain and the gut miscommunicating
Perhaps the result of good communication, at least for our ancestors. Some poisons make the inner ear responsible for staying balanced on your toes very sick. So figuring the poison is probably still in the stomach, the brain tells the stomach to get rid of it--now. Apparently, natural selection hasn't gotten around to helping us distinguish that from airplanes yet.
I get motion sickness all the time. The Transderm Scop patches are a life saver!
Just to be the oddball, I'm pretty immune to motion sickness. It may be genetic, my Dad was the only one of his bunkmates on the troop ship back from WWII that went to all 8 meals or so that were served when the ship was on the edge of a hurricane. And didn't have any problems with his tummy.Other things'll make me toss my cookies easily enough, but not motion.K.[This message has been edited by kmottus (edited 03-01-2001).]
I have a small theory that it could be the eyes too - the problems all seem to come together. My eyes will feel very tired and I will feel very 'unstable' too, and at the same time my tummy wouldn't feel too good. Anybody can identify with that?<< SiMoN >>
it is definitely 'eye' related. I have to look off into the horizon and then I am okay in a car if I am not driving. I am okay when I drive - but no planes, trains or other automobiels without the seabands.
count me in...I have 2 brothers and my father who also have 'motion sickness' as well....k, my dad was a navy seabee in WWII in the south pacific...he came home with horrendous stories of motion sickness (his whole tour)--and we are all proud of him..he is now 81 this year and still has motion illness problems....but none have IBS except me???? ------------------BJV/Female__(D)[This message has been edited by osgev (edited 03-02-2001).]
When I have gastro pressure, my eyes feel dry,tired,I get floaters,and have ear pressure and pain-I have to pop them. When I am having this gastro pressure-which I believe is caused by gas in the stomach and intestines-that is when I get motion sickness feeling. When the gastro is not distended and there is no colon or back pain, I no longer feel the pressure or the symptoms of motion sickness. I think that is amazing-
You know, come to think of it, there are times my motion sickness is worse than other times. If I start out on a trip and my head feels clear it's not so bad. But if I'm having a day where I feel a little "foggy" in the head the motion sickness is much more severe. If I had to pick one thing to cure, the IBS or the motion sickness, I would pick the motion sickness!
Interesting point, Sequoia. Is this 'gastro pressure' thing a widely used term? I believe I have that too..<< SiMoN >>
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