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My husband and I will be moving into a new place with only one toilet in about two months. I have IBS-D, and he also struggles with diarrhea in the morning before work (his is more work/stress related and he’s fine when he’s not going to work).

We have always been living in a place with at least two toilets so far, and we often need to use the toilet at the same time in the morning. We already wake up early so we have a lot of time to deal with the toilet issue, and I have been trying to see if we can avoid going to the toilet at the same time since we won’t have the luxury of two toilets soon.

We can’t afford anywhere with two toilets, but we are saving money towards building a rear extension and an additional toilet for the place. In the meantime though, I’m not sure what we can do if one of us is on the toilet and the other person also absolutely needs to go. I’m thinking perhaps a small plastic tub!? Then empty it into the toilet. It will be gross since my diarrhea and his morning diarrhea is more liquid than solid, but I’m not sure what else we can do… I’ve never tried adult diapers, and I’m not sure if that’s easier to clean than a plastic tub.

Would like to know what people with IBS usually do in this situation. I grew up in a different country and always have at least two toilets in a home. Now we live in England and sometimes even a 3/4 bedroom will only have one toilet…
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