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We recently moved and I have survived! Here are some tips for what I did and a place for others to list their tips.

-Visit your doctor. Explain you're moving and ask for 3 months worth of your prescriptions so you can get settled and find a doctor.
-Fill your prescriptions. I filled most of mine before we moved, but a couple I saved until we got to our new location and the pharmacy wouldn't fill them! They said they were from out of state. Huge problem I am trying to solve.
-Keep your meds close. Things get lost easily in a move. Make sure to keep your meds in a place you won't lose and kee them altogether. The more places you are storing your meds, the more likely for them to get lost. I put all my meds in a plain, green camping stuff sack. It's nylon and the size of a lunch bag. It was perfect because it was easy for me to spot and track, but didn't stick out so people weren't tempted to swipe my meds!
-Invest in no stress. Moving is so stressful, which makes IBS worse, so we took advantage of every opportunity to lower the stress of the move. We hired some local movers to help load boxes and family to help pack. We drove shorter distances and took some fun detours if we were up for it. Sometimes it's the little things that go a long way!

What's your tips on moving with IBS?
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