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hi, everybody! i've been using that search thingy and it's very handy for newbies like me... thanks! 'cept after searching re: vitamin posts, i keep running into MSM... i've read thru tons of posts, but i haven't seen what MSM stands for... is this something in the book? i plan to buy the book this weekend... can someone clue me in? thanks for any info (this is only my second post)... i went to the doctor today after suffering for two weeks with a flare-up and she gave me Hyoscyamine (generic)... it's sublingual... have only taken one so far... too early to tell yet if it's gonna help, i guess... RE: MEDICINES: i take a multi with minerals, calcium + magnesium, and have just started taking wellbutrin, lithobid, evista, progesterone cream, estrogen cream and coq10... whew!! hope some of this stuff works and doesn't complicate matters! Enjoy this board... i've learned a lot aready... thanks... beverly p.s i'm a vegetarian (not vegan yet, but working on it)... would appreciate any tips, etc. re: ibs and veggie-ism
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MSM stands for methylsulfonylmethane. It is claimed to be some sort of antioxidant and is used to treat arthritis in horses. There are web pages all over the place full of fanciful claims (like it is produced in the body, which appears not to be the case). At one point, some people here used (and may still?) it with some apparent measure of success. I don't know what it could do really, perhaps supply one with sulfur, and since there is no evidence beyond that, I'd reckon that to be a placebo response.
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