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hi everyone!i'll try to keep this short and simple, so here goes. what's the deal with the mucus?? the doc finally decided(after many tests) that i have ibs. i had d-type for a while, so he told me to take perdiem. it has helped the d, but now it seems to be more c-type. anyway, i have constantly had mucus from the beginning...especially when i have a lot of gas or in the c-stage. it ranges from clear to a dark brown...but lately has been orange (yes, a bright orange). i try to tell myself that your nose runs and gives off mucus, that i should not be worried because other membranes are doing the same thing. one problem, telling myself this hasn't worked in the slightest. i stay paranoid. any input would be greatly appreciated!!!------------------
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I've been getting the mucus seems like forever. I don't have it all the time only when the D is really bad. If you had all the tests done, I don't think you have to worry about it. Your doctor knows right? I think I'm used to all these funky things coming out of my body, ugh!!!!!
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