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Hey Karyno, I have the same problem with multivitamins -- they wreck my stomach! The only advice i have to offer is whatever type of vitamin you take, start slowly with it and take it with a meal so that its not the only thing rumbling around in there. I have recently started to add calcium supplements in this way - I started with 1/4 of a tablet with dinner, then 1/2, and now i'm up to 3/4 of a tablet. The real dose is two tablets so i'm getting there! I also drink low acid orange juice as a way to get some vitamins. The low acid stuff is great and doesn't upset my stomach at all.Next on my list of things to try are Vitaballs -- they were recommended from a member on the board that also struggles with vitamins and she has no problems with these. They are gumballs - you chew them for 10 minutes or something and then you are done. I have a box at home and am just waiting for a weekend that i'm not doing anything to give them a try. The other recommendations I can give were given to me by the LEAP dietician on the board. I asked her for a good vitamin to try and Jan replied
quote:Kirkman Labs ( seems to have some pretty decent hypoallergenic formulas. And, you can order a small sample size first to try out. I like the idea of a powder too, then you can start with a VERY small amount, and/or take a tiny bit 2-3 times during the day. And, whatever you do, don't take on an empty stomach, but after you've eaten something.Another we recommend is Twin Labs Allergy Multi Cap. It's hypoallergenic and pretty well tolerated.
I have the trial powder from Kirkman labs - I stopped using it a while back when I caught a stomach bug and couldn't keep anything down and for some reason never started it again. It never bothered my stomach and may be a good option.Good luck with whatever you decide to try!-kac
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