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Ive been on questron for the last year, it tahes away the D but i have multiple bowl movements, Ive tried Robiul, lomotil, pentasa, levebid, sandostatin,and paxil. With no results.Tried zofran but had very bad cramps any suggestion?
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Vere,How multiple are we talking here? I, too, have been helped tremendously by Questran. What has become normal for me is one good old-fashioned normal BM shortly after breakfast followed about one hour later by an urgent, looser, messier one and if my luck is good for the day, that's it. If I miss my Questran dose, I will have to go as many as 10 times in the morning. Are you taking enough Questran? Or, could it be food aggravation?
I take 3 packets a day, and have as many as 3to 8 a day mostly in the morning
Vere--I usually only take one packet of Questran per day, usually in the evening. However, if I will be going out to dinner or someplace special, I will take a packet in the afternoon. Perhaps you should reduce your dosage and see if it makes a difference? I have this dim memory that when I first started on Questran I was on 2-3 packs a day and found that uncomfortable, but I am having trouble remembering exactly.
you could try one of the tricyclic antidepressants such as elavil or imipramine.imipramine really helped my D and i had tried questran and paxil with no improvement.
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